Balayage (bah-lee-ahj) is a french word which means “to sweep”. This sweeping technique is a modern approach to highlighting and dimension.

Hair Painting is the system of techniques I use to create transitional colors. My balayage methods result in blended hair, perfect grow out (no lines) and they are for every hair type. I can give all tones like natural, ash, chocolate, metallic, silver, gray, pastel, rainbow or anything you want :)

Hair Level is the measuring of how light or dark hair is. The industry has a level standard of 1-10. Level 1 is black and level 10 is the lightest blonde.

Hair Tone is the distinguishing factor added to a hair level. For example: 8 Ash Blonde. Ash is the tone and 8 Blonde is referring to the lightness level.

Hair Undertone is the warmth that exists in all hair and reveals itself when a lifting agent is applied to the hair.

Going Lighter requires time in the salon because we need to remove the hair under tones. We learned above that everyone has these warm tones in their hair naturally. What if your hair is already artificially colored? Well, the undertones will be extra stubborn to remove.