During a Passion Drought

Passion. Passion drives me. It burns in my soul and fuels me to create, work with people and perform hair miracles. As a creative person, I go through ebbs and flows of vast emotions, self-inflicted judgement and I experience deep wonder. My thoughts go to the top of mountains and drop to the lowest valleys. So what happens when I am in these places and spaces? There are a million self-effort and self-help options out there - none of them have ever satisfied my soul or put peace in my heart. Jesus. Historically, the Roman Empire didn't know what to do with him, the religious Jewish priests and people didn't know what to do with him. Only a few of the time believed and followed His teachings. They were rejected, called blasphemers and put in jail because they believed in Jesus. Can you believe they were treated like this just for their BELIEF? I see a pattern that overlaps in the current era, and that is ok because that is what was recorded. 

How do I come out of a drought? I am slow to speak, quick to listen and the waves of peace come. The flood of joy is always right on time and I am filled to create once again. 

I listen. Here are one of my fav songs from this year - Reckless Love and it is worthy of headphones but don't take it from me, see if there is power in this song for yourself. 

In love, peace and a listening ear,

Anastasia Kim