Pushing To That Next Level

I am so excited about everything that is happening in my life right now? Have you ever experienced like when everything is going amazing? Life isn’t always this way though. Times of storms hit too and that is what makes the good times so amazing lol. cliche :P

Anyway! I am now the brand ambassador of John Amico Professional Haircare. I am embarking on an amazing journey and so many amazing things to come! I will be traveling a bunch more to salons everywhere to educate stylist on my techniques and to bring the latest industry technology to people.

Hey, there are people that aren’t going to like you FOR WHATEVER REASON. But that’s ok, I love them anyway. B U T - the people that ARE for you are super for you. :)

And when I recognized this fully and embraced this fact it changed my life forever. I recently truly accepted this. It’s one thing to hear this but it is totally a different thing to KNOW AND BREATHE it. My confidence is skyrocketing and I am able to push away doubt more than ever before..

Until next time - Keep on, keeping creative!

Your homegirl, Anastasia