My Hair Story

Hey! First off thank you for reading my first entry!

If you don't already know, my name is Anastasia and I am a hair colorist (and painter) based in Chicago. I just wanted to take a moment to share with you why I love coloring and painting so much!

After cosmetology school I went to college (I took 2 years and plan to finish my last 2 soon) and  I studied A LOT of science. I got all A's because I enjoyed it so much. Believe it or not, these classes really prepped me for success with hair and hair color. 

In anatomy class I studied hair growth at the skin level. This is called trichology (the study of hair) From this I discovered the differences and similarities of hair types/textures. Unlocking this knowledge helped me hone in on coloring all hair types. What I love this about having my knowledge is that I can welcome clients, of all genetics, into my chair. I believe this separates me from a lot of other colorists. I have noticed salons still remain very segregated in the United States and I am trying to change that!

In addition to anatomy, I studied physics and organic chemistry. Through these classes I really solidified color theory and chemical reactions. This helped me to be a better color formulator and creator. 

During this journey in college, I worked as the Color Director and Cosmetology Educator at a very diverse beauty school. I put into practice everything I gained in college and also furthered my studied within the cosmetology field. Lots of hands-on practice catapulted me into building my systematic and creative abilities actually working with hair and hair color. I would work with 100 clients a week on average. We had so many clients visit our school salon called the clinic floor.

After several years of this, I moved to downtown Chicago to build the clientele I always dreamed of. I first lived in Lincoln Park and worked in the Loop. After one year in the Loop I relocated to the Gold Coast for 6 months. Then after this I opened my own studio in Lakeview where In am currently. I have experienced so many neighborhoods and vibes of Chicago and my favorite has definitely been working in the LOOP! I will be moving back in April and will have a lot of news to share coming soon! I love this journey and continually working on my dream with all of you! I love hair coloring, hair and working with so many beautiful souls.

Until next time!

Creatively, Anastasia